027 • Little Ned (2)

027 • Little Ned (2)

Please note that your puppy-dog, Ned,
Has lately been shot in the head.
Our Desk-Sergeant, Marcus,
Can show you the carcase.
No further light will be shed.

I didn’t get on with this dog, I admit. But I never wanted it to come to this. And the tone of the police memo, specifying their callous Desk-Sergeant merely by a chummy forename – leaves a great deal to be desired. [See also here]

2 thoughts on “027 • Little Ned (2)

  1. Hi Piffle,

    It is alarming, but — sad to say — the current ‘forenames’ trend (‘Hi, I’m Guy, your brain-surgeon for today’s lobotomy’) is purely tokenistic, and doesn’t correspond to any guarantee of truly personal or individual treatment.

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