270 • Surplus to requirements

270 • Surplus to requirements

A crafty old crook from Pamplona
Once posed as a cardiac donor.
The ad. for his heart
Said ‘Good second-hand part
Unused by its previous owner.’

‘Crafty’, perhaps, in that the familiar language of Classified Ads deftly deflects attention from the more problematical aspects of his offer. But ‘crook’, really? Where’s the crime in seeking to divest oneself of an organ that serves only as memento of a life untouched by true romance?

2 thoughts on “270 • Surplus to requirements

  1. I’m assuming this crook is a bull-runner as a result of the malfunctioning organ? Or is the emotional drought an effect of the bull-torturing rather than a cause?

    1. Greetings Loris,

      Agreed, it’s up for interpretation, but its polysemy starts to come into focus when it’s taken in context with other rhymes published since about #237.

      Thanks for commenting!


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