269 • Normal

269 • Normal

Please note that your stepson, Francisco,
Is banned from this evening’s Class Disco.
When everyone queues
To kiss Mrs Hughes
A normal-sized child will get his go.

Modern-day teachers show commendable dedication, generosity and imagination in devising bonding exercises, early in the academic year, that will incline their young charges to warm to the grade school experience. This tersely-worded bulletin, however, gives the receiving family insufficient sense of their unfortunate stepchild’s infraction. Is he too large, or too small, to join his new class buddies in Inappropriate Touching with their tutor?

3 thoughts on “269 • Normal

  1. Given the first two lines ending in “isco” (and feeling a bit mischievous), I reacted:

    Please to note that your Stepson Francisco
    Is not welcome, this ev’ning’s Class Disco,
    For the girls have complained,
    And irately maintained,
    That they find his advances too brisk-o!

    “Scansion, scansion… Where the heck did I put my damn scansion ?!?”
    Sorry, people.
    (Not really!)

    There are purists who feel that our verse
    Is but worthy of vehement curse,
    And that only Chuck Manson
    By invading our mansion
    Is the possible thing that could possibly bring us an aspect impossibly worse!

    Sorry I’m polyglot? No!

    Lim’rickal Subjects:

    When a limerICK’s linguistic flings
    Rival Shakespeare’s old arrows and slings,
    (Put us out of our gourds
    And send us off to Lourdes)
    Please remember, ‘bout pleasanter things…

    Eb Hoene, 9-26-2020

    1. Thanks Eb,

      Good to see you at My Dog Errol and I absolutely welcome the idea of treating each bulletin as a ‘Theme with Variations’. I like what you’ve done here. Keep doing it 🙂



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