360 • Joy to the world

360 • Joy to the world

The truth can no longer be ducked:
This planet’s NOT totally fucked
‘Cos its prime pest, its blight,
Its blind parasite
Is programmed to auto-destruct.

I have to admit I wrote my Christmas Message yesterday — not on the morning of publication as is my wont – and road-tested it on a sandwich board, front and back, walking among last-minute panic-buyers in our Regional Shopping Mall. ‘Why are you wearing a mask?’ a child challenged me. ‘I don’t want to catch the plague,’ said I. ‘Your board says it’s going to disappear of its own accord,’ countered an angry mother. Only then did I realise that ‘pest’, ‘blight’ and so on could perhaps refer to the Covid virus, as well as to the human race. Twice the Christmas Message, then! The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

2 thoughts on “360 • Joy to the world

  1. Greetings, Piffle (or, if that’s not your forename, forgive me), Greetings, Puffo …

    Yes indeed! And one is surely permitted – expected, indeed – to be festive on Christmas Day, of all days? I very much doubt that the remaining postings of this perplexing year will be similarly festive, but I hope I may be forgiven for that. It’s not a natural position for me, or for any right-thinking person, at this time, in this world.

    Best Yuletide wishes,

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