333 • Sucker

333 • Sucker

Please note that the cleaner, McCall,
Is banished henceforth from The Hall:
Her nightly manoeuvres
With hosepipes and Hoovers
Drive too many guests up the wall.

In the owner’s estimation, paying guests are paramount and must be sucked up to at all costs. So a skivvy loses her job, not via a grateful note and cash in lieu of notice, but by dint of a curt note sellotaped to her locker door. Soon ‘The Hall’ will be filthy with dust-bunnies and aristocratic dandruff, and customers will stop coming. And the owner will have reaped his just deserts.

2 thoughts on “333 • Sucker

  1. Dear Mr Rick,

    Qquite a lot of your rhymes srart with the same few words, for example number’s 016, 027, 096,260, 269, 277, 281, 295, 298, 305321, 322, 328 and now, 333 it seems. It seems possible, to me that you are runing out of ideas and I hope you keep going until Christmas day as you stated your original itention to. In these Covid 9 times it is hard to keep inspriration going I know that. On the the othe hand my partner Basimir says, that he thinks you are starting a ‘series’ and he is planning to drawer a graph showing the ‘distribtion’ of his pattern. Have we cuaght you with your trousers down, Mr Rick, is the question. Please answer honestly as we have come to trust you at last. G,Lewin

    1. Dear Mrs Lewin

      I’m glad that you and Basimir have come to trust me ‘at last’. I wish I could reciprocate, but I’m unsettled by your suggestion that I’m running out of ideas. Rather, I am ever more oppressed by instances of hardhearted indifference, as the curt formula ‘Please note that … ‘ surely attests. This isn’t some paucity of inspiration: it’s a measured response to overdoses of officiousness in the world around me, and presumably around you and your partner too, if you are of this planet.

      I’ll see if I can muster some more variety before the year is out but I’m damned if I’m going to stoop to some cryptic strategy where the serial numbers of the rhymes encode a message. Don’t let me stop you for searching for one, though.

      R Lime.

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