331 • Tantamount to Extortion

331 • Tantamount to Extortion

Don’t dine at the Café du Nord
Without checking their prices beford.
One glance at the bill
For my spoonful of krill
Left me gasping for breath on the flord.

Certainly this First Year of Covid has made it hard for restaurateurs to balance their books; but habitual diners-out – having subsisted on nothing but beans-on-toast since lockdown started – fancy they’ve saved enough moolah to laugh off the Himalayan prices the more pretentious places are charging. In my naïvete I imagined that ordering nothing but an amuse-gueule would spare me financial discomfort. How wrong I was.

4 thoughts on “331 • Tantamount to Extortion

    1. Dear Loris

      Do they make runcible spoons small enough? I have my doubts. One might get some mileage from a runcible straw, or a runcible nanotube. But that’s a utensil you may need to get made specially.

      To be honest, I think you’d do best
      To visit the Café de l’Ouest;
      Their antelope tea
      Is both tasty and free
      Once you’ve shown them your plum-colored vest.

      Meilleurs vœux
      Richard Tilleul

  1. As a ‘foodie’ susceptible to *overlooking* tiny foods being priced to the gods, this landed on a personal level. I’m one of those insufferable types who endures that life “for the experience.” (Though I did once throw a tantrum when presented with four Ravioli for £25.)

    1. Hi Patou,

      Sorry to hear about that … though in the current climate $25 is not a bad price for a nicely-thrown tantrum.

      Very good to see your comments here at My Dog Errol; long-term readers are Much Appreciated!

      Best regards,


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