301 • Naked cheek

301 • Naked cheek

We beheld an old Burgher of Calais
Who’d come, without clothes, to The Ballet.
When they called him immoral
He said, ‘Do not quarrel
With me: take it up with my valet.’

As ever, the challenge to a wealthy pervert’s idiosyncrasy is brushed aside, and the onus of explanation – and inevitable blame – falls on the shoulders of his hapless factotum.

2 thoughts on “301 • Naked cheek

    1. Hi Poppy,

      Yes, perving: one of the most-searched categories here at My Dog Errol. Recognising my chosen five-line form, with its characteristic rhyme-scheme, many passing readers hope to be gratified by gratuitous gonads galore. I’m happy to frustrate their base intentions. It’s possible to peddle a transgressive flavor, I think, without constant reference to bodily fluids and carnal transactions. I suggest ‘delusion’ as a more fruitful category.

      Richard Lime

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