252 • Mud

252 • Mud

There was an old man of Llandudno
Whose wife left him all of a sudden-o.
She’d chatted with Charlotte
The neighbourhood harlot.
His name was quite palpably mud, no?

Baleful and hideous, is it not, to see the conniving women of the parish ganging up on a well-nigh blameless man? Full disclosure: I have never wittingly visited Llandudno, and know nobody there trading under the name of ‘Charlotte’. Consequently the present bulletin cannot legitimately be supposed to bear any relevance to my recent history.

5 thoughts on “252 • Mud

  1. I don’t believe you’rve ever been to Llandudno, Mr Lime. My partner was born there and we both know nobody who prononunces the town in such a way, as to rhyme with ‘mud no’ and such. ‘Mid no’ would work although it would not make any sense, it would be accurate.. It is very pretty to this day and we strongly suggest you take a trip there to familiarise yourself with local matters. GL

    G, Lewin

    1. Hello G Lewin,

      Thank you for your comment. If you look in the little green panel below the rhyme, you will see that I do explicitly state that I have never been to Llandudno. So you are quite correct in your belief.

      Best wishes,

  2. Mr Lime,
    My partner ansd I do not bother with the comments under the rhymes. Other people can think what they likle. We are interested in poets and poetry, not the idle remarks oif passers by,. Thank you, G Lewin

    1. Dear G Lewin,

      I do apologise if it’s not perfectly obvious, but the text in the green panel is written by the author of the rhyme above, and is intended to complete, complement, or contradict the meaning of the foregoing in ways that will be illuminating, entertaining, or irritating. If you want to read only half of each bulletin, I recommend skipping to the green panel and omitting the versified element entirely. You’ll find the thought there more searching and certainly more coherently expressed.

      That said, I am very glad that you read what you read, and if you like it like that, all well and good of course. I absolutely don’t wish to spoil your enjoyment of, and loyalty to, My Dog Errol – rather, to enhance it.

      Good wishes

  3. Thanking you Mr Rick but I do not buy that at. The whole point of a short ryhme is the pith, and the underneath material is long winded and tedious, plus hard to follow in many plaves. there is no need, for it, and I do not buy it. My partner and I follow many Blogs, also Vlogs, and exvellent hooby and pass time. Consequently we have little time left over to read the small print. And we hope you understand this is meant kindly and not as a critism.

    G. Lewin

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