186 • Potus Alert (6)

186 • Potus Alert (6)

I’ll tell you what makes for good neighbours:
It’s not any wall-building labours.
It’s missiles piled high
Backed by spies in the sky
And ominous rattling of sabres.

It’s supposedly Independence Day back home, but tragically we are still living in chains, shackled to vindictive incompetence, risible, solipsistic ignorance, and benighted self-delusion.

2 thoughts on “186 • Potus Alert (6)

    1. Hi Mr Naïveté (I trust you don’t object to my diacritical amendments: they may prevent impudent persons attempting to anagrammatise your name).

      You’re quite right, it is both a frosty and a Frost-y rhyme. And ‘knowing how way leads on to way’, I don’t suppose it’s the last hoary bulletin my wakening cranium will deliver as this series unfolds.

      Thanks for posting … keep visiting!


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