144 • Gross!

144 • Gross!

I fear I shall never forget
Being slung in a dank oubliette
With nothing to eat
But three plates of meat
Two plums and a rancid baguette.

I confess that I grow weary of press reports comparing the Social Isolation we temporarily endure, in hope of impeding the incursions of plague, with the privations experienced by ‘lifers’ in the bottle-dungeons of Romantic fiction, whose pretend incarceration made little contribution to society .

2 thoughts on “144 • Gross!

  1. This reminds me of the first breakfast during a holiday in Thailand, when I tried to persuade two teenage boys that dried sour plums, sheets of dehydrated seaweed, some flaccid cucumbers, and a bag of some kind of local sorrel was a mighty feast.

    1. Hi Loris,

      Sounds like a terrific breakfast as far as I’m concerned. My tastebuds don’t seem to switch on until midday (or later, if I sleep in). Am I to infer that the teenage boys, upon whom you were attempting to foist this memorable regimen, were known to you already?

      Yours curiously,

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