133 • Potus alert (5)

133 • Potus alert (5)

Was ever a leader alive
More ripe for his P45
Than the 45th Potus?
So who are these voters
Who want his regime to survive?

‘P45’ means different things in different territories; back home, it’s that contemptible clown in the White House; here in Britain it’s a ‘pink slip’ document you receive from your employer when your contract terminates. The rhyme above, on the occasion of the Nebraska Primaries, optimistically brings the two meanings together in a transAtlantic alliance.

2 thoughts on “133 • Potus alert (5)

    1. Hi Ed,

      Thanks for this excellent and apposite contribution.

      I’ve really been enjoying your whimsical (and sensible!) rhymes (like ‘The God-complex Particle’) at noble-minded.org.

      Hope to see you at My Dog Errol again soon 🙂


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