130 • Attaboy!

130 • Attaboy!

‘Well of course, he’s a National Icon.
Have you sat through his series on lichen?’
David Attenborough’s voice
Makes the whole world rejoice
(Or despair, when he’s not turned the mike on).

Yesterday the great man turned 94. He’s one of the few homegrown celebs the British media haven’t yet found a way of undermining. No doubt their lenses are trained on him night and day, hoping to snap inappropriate touching with a Venus flytrap, or lewd banter with a limpet. #MeNeither

2 thoughts on “130 • Attaboy!

  1. Hi Loris,

    You’re right, that’s a better title, but the rule is that I don’t change anything once it’s published. Maybe a better rule would be to change *everything* once it’s published. I’ll give it some thought. Grateful as ever for your thoughtful and illuminating feedback!


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