116 • Potus alert (4)

116 • Potus alert (4)

With tough healthcare questions to settle,
The Donald’ shows fans his true mettle:
We’ll defeat this disease,
His great wisdom decrees,
If we all begin mainlining Dettol™.

A memorable coronavirus intervention from the well-known TV entertainer. But he’s done himself a disfavor by recanting, and claiming his diagnosis was ‘sarcastic’. Intelligent people might stop taking him seriously.

2 thoughts on “116 • Potus alert (4)

  1. It’s the sinuses where it first grows,
    And from there down the windpipe it goes;
    So for prudent prevention
    Or swift intervention,
    Shove a UV lamp way up your nose.

    1. Hi Barb,

      Welcome to My Dog Errol, and thanks for this excellent contribution. Hope to see you here again soon 🙂


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