090 • Evasive inaction

090 • Evasive inaction

On balance, I share your dismay
At the meteorite heading this way.
Such rumours aren’t new
But if this one is true
We’d be wise to start packing today.

Oh, these Overgrown Etonians with their sang congelé in the face of a population-threatening calamity, acknowledged by all neighbouring Governments! Where was the decisiveness, the adrenaline? This entitled lassitude, this phlegmatic indifference to the Commoners’ Fate, shall not go forgotten.

2 thoughts on “090 • Evasive inaction

    1. Hi Slarti,

      Thanks for your kind comment and it’s heartening to know that the blurts of twaddle in this blog are helping life to feel bearable up there in the Norwegian fjords (I think that’s the bit you got a prize for, back in the day, no?)

      Go well,

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