082 • Saviours

082 • Saviours

Did you read, on some scrap of papyrus,
How Christ raised the daughter of Jairus?
No dark Dead Sea Scrolls
But soft white paper rolls
For our conquest of Coronavirus.

Admittedly there were no New Testament books among the genuine Dead Sea Scrolls, though with the more recently-discovered fakes anything goes. But whereas those scrolls record the superstitious beliefs of a sect 22 centuries ago, 2020’s rational response to mortal disease is spelt out in the barren superflux of hoarded lavatory-paper.

2 thoughts on “082 • Saviours

  1. Down with the evil Baron Superflux!

    In the dire febrilities of my corona-addled imagination, he resembles the no-less-evil Baron Lloyd-Webber, but dresses like Jackie Pallo.

    May his knavish tricks be ever frustrated.

    1. Amen to that, Constant. And I hope the Corona gets no further than your imagination, as the Unholy Manacle Mutates. You’ll undoubtedly notice that those last three words are an anagram of your name, if I’ve counted correctly. If not … hfuhruhurr is all I can say.


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