055 • Puma uncertainty

055 • Puma uncertainty

There is no truth at all in the rumour
That I strangled my godfather’s puma.
But I’m licensed to choke
Those who can’t take a joke
And he really had no sense of humour.

In today’s world a bad reputation prospers exponentially, often fertilised by the antics of the gutter press. Referencing concepts from quantum mechanics, the ambiguous pronoun ‘he’ in our final line ensures uncertainty about who has been throttled (even in the most sublime poetry the ‘meaning’, if any, is perforce completed by the reader).

2 thoughts on “055 • Puma uncertainty

  1. And charm is, as you’ve inferred, a big part of what this project is all about.

    Either that, or a small part. I’ll have to look back through my notes.


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