047 • Entrapment

047 • Entrapment

When summoned to meet the new vicar,
I took him two bottles of liquor:
With a villainous oath
He decanted them both
Saying ‘Bet I can swallow mine quicker.’

We may well ponder the nature of this ‘summons’; less obscure is the motive of the summonee, who exploits the churchman’s weakness by taking the role of tempter. Which, then, is the more culpable party?

6 thoughts on “047 • Entrapment

  1. Your missing a trick pal, The topic of a limrick are sex and body funtions and genrally take the miekcy of things. Its suppose to be comic It is not suppose to be a serious.

    1. Hi Ura

      Many thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and it’s a pity my works do not conform to your expectations. As a writer I would not be at all interested in observing any kind of formula beyond the constraints of my chosen form itself – in fact, I believe it’s my duty to stretch the envelope, and transcend consideration of mere ‘sex and body funtions’ in adding to the great mass of such rhymes already in circulation (to which you perhaps allude in your second sentence).

      The world is burning, or drowning, all around us, and soon we shall be gasping for air. Our politicians, even where legitimately elected, are mostly bent, stupid and/or out of their depth. As a populace we are craven, conservative, and blinded or drugged by indulgence in the paltry treats offered by capitalism. Injustice, calculating malice, superstition, greed and infamy blossom wherever I look, and I am sure you see these things too.

      Rather than expatiate about our civilisation’s woes in great swathes of prose, I make it my mission to cram these nightmarish worries into a tiny, trivial format – and furthermore, to do so instinctively and with as little forethought as I can muster – in order to offer my readers a ‘world in a grain of salt’, a microcosmical commemoration of an unsettling relationship, or of instances of gullibility, neglect, scheming poltroonery, or again simply of the flights (or rather, hops) of fancy that the wretched brain of a dreamer attempts in order to escape – however briefly – the lugubrious shackles of what passes in this era for ‘reality’.

      But, enough about me: I’d be interested to see some of your work, when you have a moment.


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