023 • Crockery

023 • Crockery

We dined on five loaves and two fishes.
Each slice was quite thin, but delicious.
Seeing Christ and his mates
Had brought five thousand plates,
We stayed on to help do the dishes.

Such a lot of administrative/background work goes unnoticed, its practitioners unacknowledged. It would be nice to see behaviour like the above become the norm again.

2 thoughts on “023 • Crockery

    1. Hi Piffle,

      I’m not surprised someone has picked this up, but my authority is the King James Bible. Plus, of course, the fact that if I’d gone with the modern plural ‘fish’, then the last rhyme would have been ‘dish’ … and the gesture of staying on to help (with but a single item of washing-up) would have seemed perverse and superfluous.

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