9 thoughts on “020 • Antichrist alert

  1. Perhaps that will be the entity’s advantage. Maybe the most unlike him might see him. Besides, the sulfurous whiff on a crowded bus …not a reliable sign.

    1. ‘The most unlike him might see him’ … certainly the terror of Otherness is deeply-rooted in the human psyche. Do you think we’d all be happier if we’d been born as weasels?

      1. Embracing otherness is a solution to many ills and difficult to do. Fear i suppose. I know i would be happy as a weasel. They fascinate me with their lithe appearance and calculating behavior. Sweet faces.

  2. I’ll do my best to come up with a weasel poem for you, Ric, but the rule is I have to write something that’s in my head on waking.

  3. Carroll’s riddle is the easier (‘one slopes with a flap’ etc) but I think the answer to the second probably ends with ‘an otter is otterly different’.

    Good wishes,

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