174 • The Crabmonger

174 • The Crabmonger

Is anyone else fond of crabs?
I’ve 69 here, up for grabs:
The mother’s no beaut
But her grand-kids are cute.
They’d make a nice change from kebabs.

I have doubtless inveighed before, in this Verse Marathon, against the keeping of animals as pets. Who can remain dry-eyed on apprehending the uncertain status of these crustaceans, offered up by the crabmonger as a foodstuff, even after their family background, and personal charm, have been so heart-warmingly attested.

2 thoughts on “174 • The Crabmonger

    1. Thanks, Loris,

      I knew nothing of such a crab and am glad to be enlightened, despite the innuendo-riddled commentary and the invasive music. There will be a generation of children who believe that all animal activity is accompanied by seething synths and oleaginous orchestration; worse, there will be a generation of concert-goers who can think of nothing but sand-bubbler crabs the moment the string-players sound their opening note.

      Your contributions add a valuable extra dimension to the flat world of My Dog Errol. Please keep visiting.


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