128 • Agent provocateur

128 • Agent provocateur

My aunt, up in Appleby Parva,
Has woven a black balaclava:
Defying the veto
She roves, incognito,
Provoking all kinds of palaver.

Incredible though this bulletin may appear, my adopted country genuinely boasts a hamlet named Appleby Parva, rural, remote and right-leaning. Since the time of Lady Godiva, any kind of outgoing behaviour there is received as a scandal, so 2020’s Covid Lockdown is a boon to most residents. My British aunt, however, has the measure of her neighbours and takes a geriatric delight in courting opprobrium.

2 thoughts on “128 • Agent provocateur

  1. Hi Loris,

    Yes, I think this is her, though it’s not as black as I remember. But’s that’s definitely her village.

    Stay well,

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