079 • Trajan

079 • Trajan

Our eminent emperor, Trajan
Was minded to marry a Cajun.
But processing in pomp
Through her Baton Rouge swamp
His cohort succumbed to contagion.

Empires are forged and maintained by matrimony; here Trajan’s men are thwarted in their attempt to bring him a trophy bride from exotic, as-yet undiscovered territory, and in the particular case few would doubt that the virus was doing a sterling job.

4 thoughts on “079 • Trajan

  1. This catastrophic eventuation would seem to call for a Trajan hearse.

    You are on to something here, Mr Lime. Avanti!

    1. Hi Constant,

      Touché, or perhaps even, in this case, Threeché! You’re right, and I have no doubt those pesky Greeks stole that whole episode from your intervention here.


    1. Hi Jason,

      Absolutely, Rhyme should be our guide in most things, since it brings the illusion of harmony, however briefly, to a fundamentally discordant world.


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