065 • Crufts

065 • Crufts

Distressing to learn that your cyrrh
Is severely allergic to myrrh:
I’d procured a supply
To be flicked in its eye
And smeared on its foul-smelling fyrrh.

Oh the Brits love their animals: some huge dogfest, The Crufts, starts this morning. Sure, there’s a hint of cruelty in this ironic rhyme, but it’s nothing compared to the indignity of enslaving an animal for life, in order to harvest the adoration you have so little hope of garnering from your own species.

2 thoughts on “065 • Crufts

  1. There’s very little in your Verse Marathon that that my partner and I judge suitable for reading aloud to little children, Mr Lime. Do you agree that this is a great pity, please? GL

    1. Hi GL

      Thanks for your comment. I agree that one or two of the rhymes might be hard for little children to understand entirely, but I think a lot of them have an underlying ‘moral’ for want of a better word that parents, or grandpersons, might find interesting to discuss with the young. Are you reading the little commentary under each rhyme? Sometimes those short paragraphs may suggest some wholesome doctrine to engage your descendants with.

      Good wishes

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