051 • The stiltwalker

051 • The stiltwalker

Said a feisty young midget from Wilts
As he strode through the county on stilts,
‘Sure, I get a good view
But so, madam, do you
On the days when I choose to wear kilts.’

A correspondent – read his or her comments here – protests that I’m wasting my chosen verse-form, whose topics are properly sex, body-parts, mockery, and nothing else. The present verse, then, is dedicated to Ura, and it’s as far as I’m prepared to go in the debased direction s/he recommends (unless it proves popular, of course).

2 thoughts on “051 • The stiltwalker

    1. Yes indeed; I am keen not to alienate any of my readers, even those who express palpably worthless views.

      Cheers, Piffle.

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