026 • Living room

026 • Living room

Zookeepers struggle to gauge
When a creature’s too small for its cage.
Though they argue the toss
Re. the great albatross
With amœbas they’re on the same page.

In contemporary culture, when we pose the same question about great and small, it’s inevitably the former that receives the lion’s share of the debate, even when the question is demonstrably fatuous.

2 thoughts on “026 • Living room

  1. Thank you, Jason. I’d be happier if it had been intentional, but I’m glad a reader – presumably of Oulipean bent – alerted me to its unwitting outset. Not something I’ll try again, I think. I’m already wondering how it’s going to be possible to versify a horoscopical prediction for each of a dozen zodiac signs. Wish me luck, and stay tuned.


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