6 thoughts on “018 • Turing

  1. I typed ‘Did Alan Turing like cabbage?’ into my search engine, which yielded no new information. So I tried ‘Alan Turing’s favourite food’ which led me to a conspiracy theory about death by poisoned apple, which I didn’t know. So thank you.

  2. If dear Alan had died with a poisoned cabbage by his side, not an apple, perhaps the computer multinational would have chosen a more brassicate name. And wasteful accessories like the Cabbage iPhone would have been less popular – no bad thing for this beleaguered planet, I think.

    1. I am reminded of that rotting cabbage thrown by a critic at Oscar Wilde, prompting his barbed gratitude: “Thank you. Whenever I smell it I shall think of you.”

      1. Jason,

        You may also know ‘The Medusa Frequency’ by Russell Hoban, in which the rotting head of Orpheus manifests as a cabbage, among other spherical items. Well worth a read.

        Go well,


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