005 • Courtiers

005 • Courtiers

Each evening the King of Kowloon
Egests, from his gullet, a prune.
His courtiers compete
As they crouch at his feet
To flick it away with a spoon.

There may well not be a King of Kowloon at present; but anywhere, any time, you’ll find entitled hierarchies demeaning the grovelling lowerarchy. That’s what we’re investigating in this piece.

4 thoughts on “005 • Courtiers

    1. I wish you luck finding such a spoon – and a potentate with appropriate digestive idiosyncracies – so you may practise the courtly ritual delineated in the poem.

    1. Thanks, glad to hear it – but I wonder who is laughing more in the world of the rhyme? ‘The head that wears the crown laughs longest’, as the poet saith.

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